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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why did we create Addis Ideas?

    The primary reason development efforts fail is an insufficient understanding of local African conditions. By crowdsourcing development ideas from African nationals and diaspora, Addis Ideas relies solely on insights from the continent.

  2. Is Addis Ideas only for Ethiopians?

    No! Addis means “new” in Amharic. So we welcome everyone’s innovative solutions.

  3. So how does the platform work?

    Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate! Don’t be afraid to post your own ideas, seek other users to work with you or request to collaborate on an idea you see on the timeline. We don’t have to tell you African communities across the globe are teeming with talent -- now it’s time for us to connect!

  4. Will someone steal my idea?

    We totally understand your fear and can answer this on two levels. First, all app users agree to a set of terms of services, respecting proprietary ownership, as members of the Addis Ideas community. Second, we at Addis Ideas are working to shift the culture of entrepreneurship in African communities to one that is of collaboration. Chances are, someone’s thought of your idea, too. The key is how you execute, and Addis Ideas is the perfect platform to help you do that.

  5. ...Will you help us?

    Yes! From technical support to advice and consulting on your ideas, we’re here for you. We will answer all inquiries within 24 hours and will also reach out to you if we see something that you should, too. For example, we’re happy to link like-minded users, help build out teams, help hone your ideas and more!