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App Walkthrough

Creating an Idea

  1. 1.) The first step is click on Create Idea. The link is located between Profile and Home on the navigation bar.
  2. 2.) Clicking on that link will launch the Create Idea popup. In the popup, you will need to fill in a title and provide a description. For both fields, write something descriptive, interesting, and easy for other users to understand.
  3. 3.) Once the idea is created, you’ll be taken to a screen where you’ll be able to further edit your idea.
    1. In the upper part of the screen, you can upload a visual representation of your idea or leave the default image, you can change the idea title, see how many views, likes, or comments it has received, or you can delete the idea entirely.
    2. In the middle, you can assign “Topics” and “Stakeholders” to your idea.
    3. At the bottom, you can add more information to your idea’s description.

Liking an Idea

  1. Liking an idea is simple. All you need to do is click or tap the like button. If you mistakenly liked the idea, you can always click or tap the same button to undo your like.

Commenting on an Idea

  1. In order to comment on an idea, you must first navigate to the idea by either clicking the title of the idea or by clicking the comment button.

  2. Type in your comment. Please be polite and provide helpful information. This app is, after all, a way to connect people to each other.

  3. Press the Post Comment button.